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4 key factors to be aware of while bringing an egg donor into your IVF journey

The inability to conceive is surely one of the worst feelings an intended mother can have in her life. No matter what the reason is, the same might lead you to a dark world of depression and anxiety.

Now, this is where IVF and surrogacy can help you in the right manner possible. Not only you can take the help of a surrogate mother Thailand to realize your parenthood dreams, but you can also bring an egg donor in case of an IVF treatment.

Especially when it comes to the IVF treatment, the role of an egg donor gets bigger and more crucial. So, if you are just deciding on hiring an egg donor for your particular case, ponder about these below-mentioned points beforehand.

1. Making a choice between the fresh donor or frozen donor eggs

Once you have decided upon using an egg donor for your specific requirement, you first have to make a choice between a fresh egg donor or a frozen egg donor. While both the options will come with their own risks and complications, you can get detailed information about the same from your respective Thailand surrogacy clinic or IVF expert.

Frozen eggs come with fewer feasible eggs and this is where you can expect lower chances of multiple pregnancies. Also, it would cost you less and there is a better chance of the same getting implanted via the IVF process.

2. Anonymous or known egg donor

It all depends whether you, as an intended parent, would like to deal with an anonymous egg donor who is not comfortable in revealing her identity o the future child or otherwise in case of a known donor.

Furthermore, it also depends on the surrogacy services Thailand or IVF centre you are dealing with as they have certain contracts or agreements in place regarding the same aspect.

3. Medical background of the egg donor

Besides identity and fresh/frozen egg donor in Thailand option, this would come as the most important part of the same process. Now, you are going to deal with a person who will lend her eggs to make you conceive.

Hence, you must rest assured about the medical and family background of the same egg donor. Now there are certain surrogacy agencies and IVF agency that do random checks of the egg donors in their panel in the same regards.

On the other side, if you are dealing with them independently, the same might appear like quite a cumbersome task for you altogether.

4. Other physical and mental attributes of the egg donor

Being an intended parent, you got all the right to check about the physical and mental attributes of the egg donor you are dealing with.

You must know the same as your future child is going to have the same biological connection and he or she must be infused with the right morals and values.

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