About Us

We, at Bangkok Surrogacy Thailand, are part of the Become Parents Group which got established in the year 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since then, we have helped over 500 couples all around the world to make their “Baby” dreams realized with the help of Surrogacy, Egg Donation and IVF services.

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Our Global Outreach


With our Headquarters located in the heart of Bangkok, we have extended our outreach to as many as five other cities (Bangkok, Mumbai, Barcelona, Melbourne, Cape Town, Seoul and Tel Aviv) across the Globe. Our high-end expertise and years of experience make us a leading surrogacy agency in Thailand and also the best Thailand surrogate agency. We also take care of our surrogates from start to end at our Surrogacy house which is specially made to provide accommodation to the Surrogates we deal with.


During the whole course, our main motto is to make your ‘Surrogacy Journey’ comfortable, emotionally pleasing and within your budget specifications. While doing the same, we offer all the assistance and guidance to the Intended Parents (IP) during the whole course of their Surrogacy Journey, from their first point of contact till they leave for their home along with their baby which makes us the best surrogacy agency. Being a Former Intended parent ourselves, we understand the struggle and anxiety our clients have to go through while seeking for a Surrogacy arrangement.



Our Approach is to always deliver only the best services to our valued clients while taking care of their expectations and specifications at the same time. We have further tied up with some of the best IVF clinics in Bangkok who have made their mark in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy in Thailand. Keeping the same in mind, our Surrogacy agency in Thailand has successfully served to people from over 15 different countries and our services on offer includes people matching with surrogates till the mutual agreement between the Surrogate and the Intended parents

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Our team includes some of the best IVF, Surrogacy experts from around the world to help us serve our clients in the best possible manner