Affordable Gay-Friendly Surrogacy Destinations

Gay couples, just like straight men and women also have the urge to nurture a child(s). Choosing a surrogate mother is the only option for them to have a child of their own.

Many countries do not support gay couples by law. Some of them do not support surrogacy for gay couples by law. If and when a gay couple or a single gay parent decides to choose surrogacy as the option to bring a child that is genetically connected to them into the world, there is a lot of legal research needed.

There are countries that allow gay-friendly surrogacy by law, and there are also countries that provide low-cost surrogacy experience for same-sex couples letting them choose the surrogate programme at an affordable price.

Costs of gay surrogacy

It is seen that the costs of surrogacy for gay couple are higher than straight couple. The reasons for this could be:

o There is a need for compulsory egg donation to achieve parenthood in gay couples. This means the additional cost of an egg donor. Most fertility clinics either provide egg donors or eggs that are already collected and extra payment needs to be done for the same.

o Gay couples need to go through IVF to have a child of their own through surrogacy. This includes the complete costs of the IVF procedure.

While countries like The United States of America, Cambodia, and many others have legalized the same sex surrogacy, it is still a costly affair that not many willing couples can afford. This article has curated details about more than a couple of countries a gay couple can consider for a gay-friendly surrogacy.

surrogacy for same sex couples


Mexico is the country to go to for one of the most affordable gay-friendly surrogacy programmes. Minus the state of Tabasco, all other Mexican states are open to surrogates giving birth to a child(s).

Mexico’s surrogacy programmes are run by well-known fertilization specialist experts from all over the world. This allows Mexico’s medical infrastructure to support surrogates and people associated with it.

Apart from the cost, it is also important for society to not look down on the surrogate or the intended parents.Given that many women in Mexico are providing surrogate services in affordable prices, Mexicans understand that the economy of the county has developed due to this and respects surrogacy, unlike in many other countries.


Kenya does not have a law governing the surrogacy procedures, and hence,they are able to provide surrogacy for many countries successfully. There are a number of good quality fertility clinics in Nairobi, and they take complete responsibility of the baby(s) and its legal formalities.

A Kenyan birth certificate is issued at the time of child birth which enables the intended parent(s) to travel back to their country with the child(s) freeing the surrogate from the rights of acquisition of the child(s) legally.


Laos is one of the new additions to the gay-friendly surrogate programmes in Southeast Asia. Following the surrogacy ban in Thailand and Cambodia, most of their facilities were moved to Laos.

Laos also provides one of the lowest rates for eggs donations and fertilization. This makes Laos a go-to destination for all couples looking for a surrogate programme irrespective of the sex of the intended parent(s).

Apart from this, the fact that same-sex surrogacy is not illegal in Laos makes it the least expensive gay-friendly surrogate county in Asia.

These countries not only provide gay-friendly surrogate services, but also do not frown upon the idea of surrogates or same-sex couple. This makes it less emotionally stressful for all parties involved and enjoy the journey to parenthood.

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