When a person proceed ahead with an IVF treatment, a technique called “ assisted hatching” can be brought in use in order to implant an embryo into the women’s womb. In order to get a detailed overview of the same, let’s take a look at the overall pregnancy process via an IVF treatment.

What is assisted hatching?

The initial step of the pregnancy process starts when the sperm goes ahead with the fertilization process of the egg. Moreover, when we talk about natural conception, the fertilization process gets ahead in the fallopian tube when the couple undergoes intercourse during the time of ovulation. The fertilized egg, which has developed into an embryo, then goes through the fallopian tubes into the uterus for the implantation purpose. On the other side, the implantation process can be carried upon after a week of fertilization process only. This overall process of assisting the implantation process in IVF is been called as assisted hatching.

Who all requires assisted hatching?

While hatching is a requisite in almost every successful pregnancy and birth, assisted hatching is been required in cases where the embryos don’t hatch on their own. Moreover, assisted hatching is also helpful for all the women who have at least two unsuccessful IVF fertility treatments or women who are more than 38 years of age. On the other side, if a couple embryos are detected with certain abnormalities, like a thick outer wall, assisted hatching is generally been recommended to enhance the success of the pregnancy.

Advantages of Assisted hatching

  • There are instances when the IVF process might fail because the implantation process hasn’t been undergone in a proper manner. This is where assisted hatching comes into picture.
  • Assisted hatching also comes beneficial in increasing the implantation success rates
  • Assisted hatching also facilitates the occurrence of blastocyst culture

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