Becoming a Donor at Bangkok surrogacy

When a couple seeks for the Surrogacy services in order to fulfill their dreams of having a child, there are chances that the male or female partner might be going through their own infertility issues and might need to bring on an egg or a sperm donor in order to facilitate the overall surrogacy process. Moreover, before becoming an egg donor or a sperm donor, the person needs to match certain pre defined requirements in the same regards.

Pre requisites for an Egg donor
  • The person has to be between 21-28 years of age
  • The person must be having regular monthly periods
  • She must not be having any mental or physical disorders or abnormalities
  • Must be physically and emotionally healthy
  • Her BMI must be under 28 (BMI calculator)
  • Person must not be smoking, or having drugs of any kind
  • She must not be on a Depo-Provera shot currently
  • Person must not be using Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant
  • She must be comfortable with all types of medical and psychological screening
  • Willing to take injectable medication when and wherever required
  • Must be patient enough to go through a process of 6 months
  • Emotionally prepared of donating the eggs to the Intended parents
Pre- requisites for being a sperm donor
  • The person must be aged between 18 and 41
  • He must be carrying any pre existing medical conditions like sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Must not be having any serious medical disability
  • He must be living a healthy lifestyle and following a healthy diet
  • Must be coming without any inherited health of psychological issues within his family
  • Must not be carrying any sort of infections or chronic illness
  • Must be adhering to the overall sperm donation process and should be agreeing to provide all the required details for the same
  • Must be willing to be identified as a sperm donor once the future child gets to an age of 18 years
  • should be agreeing to all the efforts and time required in the sperm donation process
Why chose Bangkok surrogacy?

Here at Bangkok surrogacy, we have a big list of high quality Egg donors and Sperm donors in order to serve to all the preference and requirements of the intended parents whilst they look forward to achieve their “Parenthood” dreams. Whilst being backed by more than 15 years of experience in the same domain, we have gained all the expertise and specialization whilst providing only the high quality and satisfactory surrogacy services to our clients worldwide.

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