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Five Most Important Elements of a Successful Surrogacy

Intended parents can utilize a medical procedure to have a child of their own with the help of a surrogate. This procedure is called surrogacy, which requires a verified female volunteer to be the surrogate. The procedure is utilized when parents are unable to conceive due to medical conditions, and also in the case of same-sex couples.

To make your surrogacy procedure successful, there are a few elements you need to consider. This article will help you with all of them.

Experience of the selected surrogate

It is important that you find an ideal volunteer as your surrogate. There are surrogacy agencies where you can find experienced surrogates. The experience factor means that you need to evaluate the success rate of her previous pregnancies. Agencies provide such reports to help you make your decision. Experienced surrogates also know the procedures and understand the requirements during pregnancy. So, you can put your trust in them.

A country with legal freedom for surrogacy

Unfortunately, surrogacy is not legal in many countries. Government rules and policies change from one state to another and also from one country to another. As a result, you have to be really careful when choosing the destination of surrogacy.

Go through the legal aspects of surrogacy in a country and align it with your specific requirements. For instance, the legal requirements of a same-sex couple can differ from a single intended parent.

Correct evaluation of expected cost

The procedure of surrogacy and IVF treatment asks for a good amount of money. However, you can evaluate the prices with respect to various countries. The surrogacy cost is the highest in America for intended parents. Which is why parents look for cost-effective choices in other countries.

surrogacy ivf process

If you also have financial limitations, there is a smart way to have a successful surrogacy. The quality of surrogacy in countries such as Kenya, Ukraine, Georgia, and Cambodia is similar to the US surrogacy quality. However, you get to save a lot of money in these alternative countries. You can evaluate the prices and connect with respective agencies to help you acquire all the facilities.

Advanced and proven surrogate preparation

Before the process of embryo transfer, a team of professional doctors prepares the surrogate. This preparation involves several tests to ensure the readiness of her endometrial. A consistent estrogen dose and a progesterone dose are provided to the surrogate for about 2 weeks. This initial preparation is necessary to enhance the chances of success. It also allows you to understand whether your surrogate is ready in terms of health to carry your baby.

Psychological evaluation of the surrogate

An expert has to be there to screen the psychological condition of the surrogate. You need a professional psychologist to certify a surrogate. This is important to mentally prepare a surrogate. During pregnancy, a surrogate can create an emotional bond with the baby. This makes the process difficult for her. A psychologist ensures that a surrogate is capable of fulfilling her job emotionally, socially and physically as well.

You have a lot of expectations related to the process of surrogacy. Which is why it would be wise to ensure the completion of every important step. This way you can make sure that your surrogate delivers a healthy baby and you can bring that baby home without any legal complications.

So, keep the given elements in mind and find a surrogacy agency that is capable of serving in all departments. You should also look at the accommodation and travel expense in advance to plan your journey.

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