Surrogacy Programs

Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs – Why are they Better?


Surrogacy is a legal arrangement in which a fertile woman agrees to get pregnant and give birth to a child to a different couple or a single parent. In this procedure, a previously formed embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s womb through the IVF method.

Surrogacy is a procedure used in cases where the intended parent(s) are unable to get pregnant due to reasons such as:

  • Medically impossible pregnancy

  • Risks due to pregnancy are high for the intended mother

  • The intended parent is a single man/woman

  • Same-sex couples who wish to have a child

In some cases, either a family member or friend will step up to become a surrogate for the intended parents and the other times, they need to find a suitable surrogate for their child. Some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a surrogate would be:

  • Good physical and mental health of the surrogate

  • 43 years or younger of age

  • Be in a stable living situation

  • No smoking or abuse alcohol.

Surrogacy Programs

Using either the genetic material of the intended parent(s) or an egg donor, embryos are created through an IVF procedure at a fertility clinic. Once the embryos are developed, 1 or 2 embryos are implanted into the surrogate mother, who carries the baby(s) to term if the method is successful.

Considering the fact that surrogate pregnancy is also conducted through IVF procedure, the programme carries all the risk factors of the IVF; right from the health risks to the chances that the embryos do not develop into a foet us. This is where the Guaranteed Surrogacy Programme bears importance.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Programme

Any artificial fertility programme is expensive. Also, keeping the risk of IVF in mind, there are high chances that the intended couple end up paying more than their original budget if the IVF is not successful in the first attempt or if there are complications in the birth.

This cost factor is the main reason one would choose the guaranteed surrogate programme over a normal surrogate programme in offer.

A guaranteed programme usually means that the clinic will either offer a money refund if the surrogate does not get pregnant or offers multiple attempts to get the surrogate pregnant; meaning the clinic will keep performing embryo transfers until the surrogate is pregnant.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of choosing the guaranteed surrogacy programme:

  • Money back if the process is unsuccessful.

  • Multiple attempts offered by the clinic

  • Lesser financial stress with respect to the IVF procedure

  • Mental stress is elevated from the intended parent(s)

  • Many clinics offer a genetic diagnosis of embryos for genetic diseases (PreimplantationGeneticDiagnostics – PGD)

  • The clinic takes care of the compensation and all payments for surrogate mother and their insurance

  • Nursing of the surrogate mother in case of an incomplete pregnancy and all the medicines needed

  • Lawyer’s services for the child(s) documents execution

  • Most clinics provide an instalment payment process for the financial ease of the intended parent(s)

  • The fertilization clinic provides new egg donors, if required for the programme

  • The clinic helps in choosing a willing and healthy surrogate to the satisfaction of the intended parent(s)

  • Most clinics provide a different surrogate in case of multiple failures of the procedure.

Any intended parent would go through the mental stress of not being able to bear a child or multiple failures during the IVF through the surrogate, however, the cost of the procedure is one less factor for them to consider and worry about.

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