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How to Go ahead with Surrogacy in Kenya for Single Parents?

Surrogacy is something which is mostly been look forwarded by all the couples round which are struggling with their infertility issues and this is the reason why most of them are moving into the same direction in order to find a long lasting solution for their “Childless” lives. On the other side, situation goes worst for the single parents as they have to face through various regulations and rules in order to seek the parenthood they are looking for since years.

On the other hand, Kenya has come over as the best place for all such single parents and with Surrogacy in Kenya don’t have a given legal framework to it, its almost possible for all the single parents to come over and look forward to their “Child” dreams.

Surrogacy for Single Parents

Surrogacy in Kenya for a single parent

Surrogacy is unregulated in Kenya but still there is s rule which states that only women above the age 25 years can be used as a surrogate whilst also facilitating the surrogacy through artificial insemination. When it comes to a single parents who is looking for a surrogate mother to carry their child, Kenya provides some better options as the cost of surrogacy is quite low here and the intended parents need not to think about while planning a trip to this place( due to cheaper tickets and visa fees).

There are many clinics and IVF centers which facilitate such types of surrogacy but the intended parents need to stay alert from all the fake ones as due to the lenient legal system in regards to surrogacy, most of the people have started its black-marketing in the country. On the other side, the cost factor is on the lower side as far as surrogacy cost is concerned in Kenya for the intended parents and may include the following costs altogether.

-The Intended parents needs to cover the entire cost of the IVF treatment in the surrogacy process

-It would also include the cost covered for medical treatment of the surrogate mother and related specialist

-Fess which include all the charges of the contracts and documentation in the process

-Fees incurred for the treatment by the medical consultant in the whole process

-All the charges and expenses in regarding to the meal for the surrogate mother

-Although the surrogate might decide to live on her own, the intended parents may need to pay for the accommodation as well

-All the costs related to traveling and logistics

-All the costs incurred in relation to the  clothing, medicines and all other miscellaneous things

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