Medical Visa arrangement for the International parents

Surrogacy is banned in Bangkok and all those couples who are planning to opt for surrogacy in other countries apart from Thailand must need to abide by the existing laws and guidelines of the specific state. Amongst all these countries, Kenya has emerged out as one of the most preferred ones for all the International parents. Moreover, once you have made your mind in regards to all the surrogacy programs and the surrogacy agency you are dealing with, you now have to start your preparations whilst arranging for the medical visa in the country.

Application process for a medical visa for Kenya

You can obtain a medical visa for Kenya from the Kenyan embassy in your country and get along with the whole process while following the below steps.

Step 1. Submission of medical visa application form

Once you obtain a medical visa application form, you need to fill it up with all the accurate and relevant information which might come fruitful in regards to your trip to the country.

Step 2. Attach all the required documents

After you have been through the application filing process, you are now required to attach all the required documents

  • Medical visa form (hard copy) which is competed with all the details and duly signed by the applicant
  • Two photographs (latest)
  • A letter from a renowned clinic or hospital from Kenya inviting the applicant for medical reasons
  • A letter which must mention about all the cost related to the surrogacy process or the treatment in the same regards
  • Proof of finance required to sponsor your whole trip to the country
Step 3- Submission of the visa fees

Visa fees needs to be submitted in order to get the desired approval for the medical visa.

Step 4-Medical visa issued

Once all the required formalities have been furnished in order to get a medical visa to Kenya, you can now get your medical visa for Kenya. The person who has filed for the medical visa would now get the approval status of the same on the provided contact information. Once the person receives the information about the visa from the embassy, he or she can then got to the embassy and collect the Visa.

Why choose Bangkok surrogacy?

Here at Bangkok surrogacy, we are backed by more than 15 years of experience and work along with a team of medical and legal professionals which can help you at every step of your surrogacy journey. It doesn’t matter if it’s about guiding you for the medical visa or plan your whole itinerary to Kenya; our experts here would assist and support you throughout the process. Moreover, our team will ensure making you get connected with all the egg donors, surrogates, clinics and other medical facilities initially to lay the foundation of a trusted surrogacy process.

Our big team of legal professional and logistics experts would take care of all your legal documentation, visa, and reservations alongside so as to bring all the comfort and convenience to your whole trip to Kenya.


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