“Need to Know” Facts for an Egg Donor

When it comes to an IVF treatment or any surrogacy arrangement, Egg donation comes into picture in case the female partner is not been able to conceive via her own eggs and she got to get an egg donor on board while going through and IVF treatment. On the other hand, the Surrogacy process requires a surrogate to carry the child and there won’t be much requirement of the egg donor there are instances where the intended mother want an egg donation to come in picture to facilitate the whole arrangement. Still, the egg donor needs to stay aware about certain things before getting on board with the whole process.

Egg Donor in Bangkok

1. There are certain pre-requisites for being an egg donor

The egg donor needs to be sound in terms of physical and mental health and must possess the right weight and body mass in the process. Moreover, the age must be between 20-25 years on average and the person must not be carrying any type of health and psychological issues from her past or the family background.

2. The Egg donor can’t claim the child which is getting born out of the eggs she has donated

Even though the Egg donor is donating her eggs for the whole process, she doesn’t hold any right on the child which is getting born. This is the reason why most of the egg donors need to get through with an agreement in order to eliminate any type of future disputes in the same regards.

3. The motive must not be money centric

Although most of the Egg donors come into picture in order to help other people in their pregnancies, there are those which get on board to earn some money in the process. Still the mindset carried by the Egg donor must not be simply about money and the notion should be to help someone in the cause.

4. Being an egg donor, you might need to go through various health screenings

Health screening of an egg donor is required in order to ensure that the eggs which she will be donating to the intended mother for her pregnancy must be healthy and won’t be coming from a background full of health and Psychological ailments. There could be a health and background check which might be initiated by the Egg donation agency or the Intended parents in order to make sure that their future child would be carrying their preferred moral and ethical qualities alongside.

5. The Egg donors might or not get to get in touch with the Intended parents in the process

It all depends on the guidelines of the egg donation agency which would facilitate any type of communication and interaction between the intended parents and the Egg donor and not necessarily they would be allowed to meet each other. Moreover there are certain arrangements where the Intended parent or the egg donor doesn’t want to stay in touch due to their own random reasons.

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