Surrogates at Bangkok Surrogacy

While Surrogacy has turned up as a blessing to those people who couldn’t conceive due to random reasons or either doesn’t want to conceive due to their career aspirations or other reasons. Moreover, the process goes through while the surrogate bears the child for the Intended parents for the period of nine months and gets duly compensated by the Intended parents in return.

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Why Surrogates needs to be screened?

The Surrogates needs to be screened for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that they understand the whole process of Pregnancy and related aspects
  • To determine if the surrogate is healthy enough to bear the child for Intended parents
  • To check and confirm the Emotional willingness of the Surrogate while preparing to carry the child for the Intended parents
  • To ensure that she is getting all the support she required from her family in the process

Process of Screening of Surrogates

  • Checking their Medical, Social and Drug History to ensure the Physical and mental health.
  • Checking the birth records of previously carried child to ensure that their capability for the same
  • Determining their Health status by making them go through a round of Various Medical checkups for their blood type, Hormone levels and other aspects.
  • Getting their background checked to ensure better ethical and moral values for the future child

Surrogates at Bangkok Surrogacy

At Bangkok surrogacy, we have tied up with a number of Top notch Surrogacy agencies in Kenya, India around the world to bring on board only the

best and perfectly screened Surrogates. We further make sure that the surrogates are carrying the same ethical, moral and social values like the Intended parents to match them in the best manner possible with their requirements.

Our Surrogates goes through extensive tests at a number of medical and psychological levels and we always ensure bringing Surrogates which are in the range of 22-28 years of age to make sure a healthy future for your child. All our surrogates have been tested of having pregnancies in the past so as you don’t have to worry much about the “What Ifs” and “How About” related to the surrogates and their Health condition.

To ensure making it a great experience for both Surrogates and the Intended parents, we also involve the surrogate’s family so as to enable all kind of emotional and moral support for them during their Pregnancy journey

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