Surrogacy in Australia

If we talk about Surrogacy in Australia, it is been managed and administered at state levels and each and every state has own rules and regulations in regards to the surrogacy laws prevalent in those territories. On the other side, Altruistic surrogacy is legal in all the states for the heterosexual couples whilst the gay couples are allowed to seek surrogacy in states like Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales. Meanwhile, compensated surrogacy (a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate gets paid more than the expenses she has incurred in the arrangement) is not permitted in any of the states and overseas surrogacy is not permitted for the residents of New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

How to connect with a surrogate in Australia?

Paid advertising for surrogacy is not permitted in Australia and therefore all the intended parents have to depend upon word of mouth and social media forums in order to connect with a surrogate. That’s where we at Bangkok surrogacy provides you end to end solution in order to help you find the right and most suitable surrogate for all your requirements regarding surrogacy. Not only we make you choose the best surrogate in Australia, we let it go through detailed health and psychological screening process via all the clinics we have partnered with in Australia.


How come Kenya serves as the best alternative to people who are seeking surrogacy in Australia?

All those couples who are looking for surrogacy in Australia can also opt for Surrogacy due to the cost and other related factors. This way, not only you will be getting the best surrogacy arrangement as per your personalized requirement and budget but also be getting the parenthood right of your child right from the start of your surrogacy journey.

Moreover, Kenya has become one of the most popular surrogacy destinations for single parents and thousands of intended parents have pursued surrogacy from the Kenyan surrogate mothers in the past few years. On the other side, most of the Kenyan surrogates prefer to stay at their place during the surrogacy period and that comes as one of the added advantages for all the intended parents who are looking for best surrogacy and at many affordable rates. Here at Bangkok surrogacy, you can always count on us in order to guide and support you for all your surrogacy requirement in regards to surrogacy in Kenya.