Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy in Cambodia is banned as per the order of ministry of health and justice on November 2016 and all the local government authorities and medical departments have been instructed to execute the ruling in the most serious manner possible. Although the ruling by the health ministry has excluded the other ART and infertility treatments which are related to infertility treatment, surrogacy cannot be executed in the territories of Cambodia at all.

Best alternatives for Surrogacy in Cambodia

Even though surrogacy is banned in Cambodia, fertility treatments can be executed and cannot be restricted by the ban and IVF process can be carried out as per the plan. This has pushed the open transfers of embryos and oocytes between the clinics and the surrogacy is been illegally carried out by some of the local agencies in the country.

That is where Surrogacy in Kenya can be considered as the best alternative for all the people who are looking for Surrogacy in Ukraine. Not only the laws in surrogacy are friendly for all the couples, but the price is also very low as compared to other countries in the world.

Benefits of Kenya as a surrogacy hub

Whilst we mentioned that the laws in the country are very supportive of all the intended parents along with costs, there many more privileges that intended parents can enjoy in the same process. Moreover, surrogacy can be the best available option for all the single parents around who are looking for a child to fulfill their parenthood dreams. The Kenyan laws facilitate the arrangement where a couple is trying to form a family within the social and moral ethics of the country and the intended parents would be considered as the parents of the child even before its birth.



On the other side, Kenyan surrogates often prefer to reside within their own places during the whole pregnancy period and that can be considered as an added advantage for the intended parents in terms of the cost factor. When we talk about the overall cost of a surrogacy arrangement, it ranges from $50,000 to $60,000

How Bangkok surrogacy can help you in the same?

We at Bangkok surrogacy, we are a 15 years old firm dealing with surrogacy arrangements worldwide and whilst we carry around all that experience and expertise, you can always stay ensured of getting all the right support during your surrogacy journey at every step. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for surrogacy.