Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada is legal but subject to certain aspects. Moreover, it is illegal to pay for surrogate mother’s services along with paying for sperms and eggs for the same purpose. Only altruistic surrogacy is allowed and agencies are not allowed to match the surrogates with the intended parents in the whole process.

Even though the cost of surrogacy is quite lower than that in USA, there are certain risk and prohibitions which are attached to the same process. If we look at the numbers, an average surrogacy arrangement costs from $90,000 USD to $120,000 or even more sometimes. On the other side, the cost of surrogacy in Canada comes near about $85,000 CAD which is equal to approx $70,000 USD.

How Bangkok surrogacy can be your best partner for Surrogacy in Canada?

Here at Bangkok surrogacy, we are backed by more than 12 years of experience and high-end expertise of bringing you only the best of surrogacy arrangement in not only Canada but almost every other country like Mexico, Kenya, USA, India, Bangkok, Cambodia and so on. Moreover, even though Surrogacy is reasonably priced and comes along with good medical support form the local doctors, it’s still been restricted to a great extent by the pre-existing laws in the state.

That is where countries like Kenya have come up as the best hub for all those couples, who are seeking their dreams of achieving parenthood via surrogacy within their respective country but could do it due to the existing prohibitions and law restrictions.

Why Kenya is much favorable surrogacy hub for most of the people?

Over the past few years, Kenya has established itself as one of the most favorable surrogacy hubs for most of the couples, especially single parents. Moreover, surrogacy is completely legal and affordable in Kenya and it comes as a perfect option for all those people who are; looking for best surrogacy at the most reasonable cost. On the other side, the surrogate mother has to be above the age of 25 years to carry a child for the intended parents and the existing surrogacy

It is since 2014, as per a ruling decision of the High Court, that after getting a surrogacy contract furnished, the intended parents become the legal parents of the future child in advance and their name would be there on the birth certificate afterward as well.