Surrogacy in China

Surrogacy is currently banned in China and all the medical institutions and medical specialists are prohibited from carrying out any sort of surrogacy within the territories of the country as per the order by the ministry of health in 2001. Still, the surrogacy arrangements are carried upon in the grey areas whilst the law enforcement agencies are putting their focus away from the same area.

How Kenya has come up as the best alternative for all the surrogacy seeking couples?

On the other side, all those people who are looking for surrogacy are slowly diverting towards other countries like Kenya which is providing the best surrogacy options to all the intended parents in the process. When we talk about the Kenyan legislation in regards to surrogacy, Surrogacy is completely legal in the country whilst providing surrogacy at best price alongside. Moreover, the Surrogacy in Kenya is one of the best options for all the single parents who are not been able to fulfill their desire of achieving the parenthood within their lives.

Advantages of Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has become one of the most preferred destinations for all the couples who are looking for a perfect surrogacy arrangement and its reasonable costs come as an added advantage for the intended parents alongside. Moreover, the Kenyan law allows a surrogate of more than 25 years only to become a surrogate mother and she is also allowed to go through the same process with the help of artificial insemination.

One of the other advantages of surrogacy is that the surrogate mother often chooses to stay within their own respective places in order to get all the family support and care during the pregnancy period. This can ultimately save the intended parents some good money whilst not required to pay for the accommodation of the surrogate mother in the process.


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Why Bangkok surrogacy is best?

While we understand that all those people who are looking for surrogacy might feel disappointed with the fact that its banned there but here at Bangkok surrogacy we will provide you with bets surrogacy options in other countries like Kenya. You need not to worry about all the aspects like searching of the surrogate mother, screening the surrogate along with all the related aspects as we would be there with you at every step of your surrogacy journey. So sit back, relax and get in touch with one of our customer support executives today!