Surrogacy in Ukraine

If we have to look at the Surrogacy options in Ukraine, commercial surrogacy is legal in the country since the year 2000 for only the married heterosexual couples irrespective of their locality. Moreover, gender testing is allowed in the country but only for the medical reasons. Apart from the same, following are some of the main aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine.


Surrogacy is regulated by the Family code of Ukraine of the ministry of justice and the ministry of health of Ukraine.

  • The same family code confirms that in a case scenario where the embryos developed with the help of IVF by the intended parents are then transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother, the intended parents would automatically become the legal parents of the child.
  • It has further been stated that the surrogate mother has not prenatal right on the future child and the intended parents would be the legal parents of the same.
  • Moreover, it’s been clearly mentioned in the given regulations about what IVF clinics can do, what all procedure are allowed in surrogacy and what is the eligibility for being a surrogate mother.
How can a couple apply for a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine?

If a couple is looking for a surrogacy option, they are suppose to prove it to the government authorities and the medical experts with the help of all the medical reports and conclusion laid down by their respective physician in regards to the Infertility issue with the Intended parents. This can be about an Unsuccessful IVF treatment or the quality of embryos and sperm in the couples.


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Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy programs can come around with a price range of $38,000 to $51,000 and that is the reason why its been known as one of the best surrogacy hubs in the world.

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