Surrogacy process

Surrogacy has come up as one of the best alternatives to all the couples who are struggling out of their infertility issues but most of them come along with all the myths and misconceptions about the same whilst thinking about giving it a go. Moreover, the Surrogacy process goes through a number of steps which have been listed below:

Traditional surrogacy vs. Gestational surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother is been inseminated with the sperm of the intend father and in this case, she will be biologically connected to the future child. On the other side, Gestational surrogacy is an arrangement where the sperm and eggs form the intended parents gets mixed in a lab dish and the resultant embryo then gets out into the womb of the surrogate mother. Moreover, Gestational surrogacy is most popular amongst the both as both of the intended parents would be biologically connected to the future child and the surrogate mother would not be having any genetic connection with the child.

Searching for the surrogate mother

One of the first things which come to the mind of the intended parents after making up their mind for surrogacy is looking for a surrogate mother to carry their baby. Moreover, it all depends on the respective state laws of the country where the surrogacy is been pursued and a legal attorney is someone who can help you in the same regards. Also, the surrogate has to be mentally and physically healthy and must abide by all the existing qualification according to the surrogacy laws of the respective country.

Screening process and Surrogate matching

It all depends on the respective case scenarios whether the intended parents would like to take care of all the required processes or want o get along with a surrogacy agency which can take care of every aspect in their surrogacy journey. The surrogacy agency would then be screening the surrogate for all the medical and psychological aspects and then match her in accordance to the preferences and requirements of the Intended parents.

Embryo transfer process

Once all the processes have been through and the surrogate mother and the intended parents have entered into a legal contract along with an attorney, the surrogate mother would then be inseminated with the embryo developed via IVF (gestational surrogacy) and she will be carrying the baby for the next 9 months in return of some agreed amount or other compensation.

Claiming the child’s custody

Last but not the least, the Intended parents have to file for the custody of the child in the court and it all depends on the legal implication of the same country what all documents they have to furnish in the process. This can be facilitated by an attorney who will be doing all the required legal work and documentation.

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