Surrogacy: Pros And Cons For Intended Parents

When you choose your resources correctly, surrogacy proves to be a comfortable and successful procedure. Your decisions make a big impact. You have to decide on a country where surrogacy laws are in your favor. Then, there are factors related to IVF clinics, surrogates, financial expenses, and accommodation.

For women who can’t conceive on their own, surrogacy is the only way they can enjoy parenthood. So, needless to say, that there are more advantages in surrogacy as compared to the disadvantages. But still, it would be better if you understand the pros and cons as an intended parent.

Here, in this article, you will find important pros and cons related to the procedure of surrogacy.

Surrogacy pros for intended parents

  1. You can complete your family

Infertility is a problem for many intended parents these days. The problems can arise due to age, genetics and any other medical condition. For same-sex couples, surrogacy is the only way to complete their family.

Surrogacy is a hope that every intended parent looks for. It completes your family with a child of your own.

  1. You have a biological link with your kid
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In traditional surrogacy, the intended father can give his sperm and have an egg from another donor. This allows you to have a biological link from the father’s side. However, both intended parents can have a biological link with the help of gestational surrogacy.

Using gestational surrogacy allows the use of sperm as well as the egg from the intended parents. The process known as IVF is conducted in a lab to create the embryo. Then, the embryo is transferred into your surrogate’s womb. This way, the biological link stays within your family. This also saves from various potential legal complications.

  1. You have a strong chance of success

Surrogacy is empowered by latest advancements and techniques. The processes of vitro fertilization, PGS and PGD are reliable these days. Doctors are able to find and remove genetic abnormalities. This way, the creation of embryo and its transfer becomes easier and less complicated.

Higher rates of success are the reason why more and more parents decide to have a child of their own. Technologies and expert doctors allow parents to find best-suited egg donors and surrogates to select from.

  1. You can legally claim your kid
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One of the most common fears among intended parents is about legally losing the kid. However, the laws change from one country to another. So, you just need to find a country where surrogacy laws are in your favor. Then, you can leverage the services of a reputed surrogacy agency. Having a trusted agency means they take care of the documents and agreements to help you claim your kid post-delivery.

The agreements keep the surrogates limited to their services and duties. Plus, your surrogate agrees to give you all the rights of the kid after the delivery. So, she can’t claim the baby and receives the promised amount of money from you.

Surrogacy cons for intended parents

  1. Surrogacy laws are different in different countries

The government in every country has their own views and regulations around surrogacy. Which is why you find some countries suitable for surrogacy, while others not so much. This can make things complicated for you.

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If you don’t live in a surrogacy-friendly country, it would require you to travel to another country for the process. This is commonly called surrogacy tourism or fertility tourism.

You can resolve this con by hiring a trusted surrogacy agency to help you with the arrangements related to medical facilities, surrogates, egg donors, accommodations, and legal documentation.

  1. It depends a lot on hope and trust

Ultimately, successfully having a baby through surrogacy is a matter of hope and trust. The process takes a long time. And during that time, you have to keep your faith in your surrogate, the expertise of medical professionals and the support of your agency professionals.

This aspect of the procedure makes initial evaluation highly important. You should thoroughly judge past success rates of the surrogacy agency you select. This way, putting your faith in them becomes easier.

Hopefully, now you have a clear perspective about going through surrogacy!

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