Surrogacy – Why Infertile Couples need to Choose it


Surrogacy is a legal contract in which a woman agrees to get pregnant, bear child, and hand over the child to the intended parents. When the intended parents are unable to get pregnant even after IVF, they choose surrogacy. This will help them have a baby that is genetically connected to them.

Surrogacy can be used in either of these situations:

  1. The intended mother is unable to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term due to medical conditions.
  2. The intended mother has a health condition that makes pregnancy medically dangerous for her.
  3. A male same-sex couple who wish to have a child using the sperm of either of the partners.
  4. A single man who wishes to have a child that is genetically connected to him.

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Intended parents get to choose from two different types of surrogacy methods:

Traditional surrogacy

In the traditional method, sperms of the intended father are used to fertilize the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the sperm during this process.

Eggs of the surrogate mother in Bangkok are used to complete the fertilization process. This method is used if the intended mother is unable to produce eggs or if she only produces low-quality eggs. The Traditional method is also used in case the surrogacy is for a single parent. In such cases, the biological mother of the baby is the surrogate mother.

There are also cases where an egg donor is used to provide an egg for the process.

Gestational surrogacy

Through IVF, fertility doctors are able to collect sperms from the intended mother. In such cases, eggs and sperms collected from the intended parents. The sperm is fertilized with the eggs at a IVF fertility clinic.

Once embryo forms, they are artificially inserted into the surrogate mother. If the embryo is implanted successfully, the surrogate mother carries the fetus to term and delivers the baby.

In the Gestational surrogacy, intended parents are the biological parents of the baby. The surrogate mother is only the birth mother of the child and will not have genetic connections with the baby.

Finding a surrogate

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a difficult task to find a surrogate mother. There are many ways intended parents can find and hire a surrogate mother:

Friends and family

We know, that may sound odd. However, this is a tried and tested method that has shown results. All you need to do is ask; your friends or a family member may agree to help you out. In this case, you also have the joy of having the surrogate mother close to you more often than not.

Surrogacy agency

There are a number of surrogacy agencies throughout the country whom you may contact. They will help in finding a surrogate mother suitable for you.

Surrogates are legally liable to hand over legal custody of the baby once the baby is born. This ensures that the intended parents go through no malpractice. So, surrogacy is the best option for infertile couples looking to have a baby of their genes.

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