Tips on Surrogacy for New Gay Dads

It is a common belief in the society that a gay couple cannot successfully build a family. Surrogacy is a boon to gay couples to bring home a child that is genetically connected to them. Now that many countries have legalized gay marriage, many couples have the opportunity to bring a baby home and start a family. Many IVF fertility clinics in Bangkok these days also provide professional assistance to gay couples in finding a surrogate, egg donor and all other pregnancy requirements.

As per studies conducted throughout the world, it is seen that children that grow in a household with gay parents are more liberal and open-minded. It is often found that gay parents also cherish children more than different-sex parents. Scientists believe that this is because gay parents are happy to have children in their household, whereas there are cases where different-sex parents take children for granted.

No matter how badly a gay couple wants to have a baby of their own, it is also frightening for them to take up this responsibility. Many couples are anxious about how the difference in their household will affect the child’s development.

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This article contains some specially curated tips for gay couples that will help them raise a child of their genes successfully:

Answer your child’s questions truthfully

It is quite natural for your child to be curious when they realize that the parental situation is different in their house is different from the one at their friend’s. Provide truthful answers to them. You have come in terms with your sexuality and urge your children to be open about the matter too.

Do not weave fancy stories for your children to avoid explaining the truth to them. You may decide on the appropriate age to explain all the details to them. However, it is vital that you tell them the truth without complicating it.

So, if your child comes to you asking why their friends have a mother and a father instead of two fathers, be patient with them. Do not consider this as invading your privacy. See this as a method of explaining sexual preferences to children.

Children have references too

Each child is different. It is essential to bear in mind that while some children have no difficulties in adjusting to a household run by gay parents, some children may face difficulties. There are cases where some children are hesitant about sharing details about their daddies at school or to their friends.

As parents, it is important that you respect the child’s feelings. Life is difficult for gay couples; knowing that your children have difficulties in comprehending your sexual orientation would be tough. However, once you decide to become a parent, there is no turning back. It is your responsibility to explain sexual differences in children. Also, over time, children will learn to develop an understanding of the matter.

Understand their situation

There is no doubt that your child would go through difficulties in life due to their unique parenting situation. Life has been difficult for you. You have gone through hard times in life due to your sexual orientation, and there is no one better than you to understand your child’s situation better.

Shower them with love, security, support, and encouragement to show that you care to understand what they are going through. This is the way to show that you care for them.

Lead by example

While this is common for all parents, gay parents need to go an extra mile. There are chances of discrimination against children based on their parents. Ensure that you handle such situations professionally. Also, do not shy away from openly discussing your choices. This will prove to your child that you are doing nothing wrong.

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