What Help Can a Surrogacy Agency Offer Post Delivery For My Baby

Surrogacy is a process of assisted reproduction that surely helps the intended parents to grow their families. This whole method is rewarding for the intended parents and the surrogate mother. A surrogate mother is a selfless woman who helps in bringing joy to the families of the intended. For surrogacy, you first need to choose a trusted agency who would implement a screening of surrogates to ensure that they are mentally prepared and physically fit to carry the baby of the intended.

What helps surrogacy agencies can provide?

Choose a highly professional agency which had a number of satisfied clients. The agency should be passionate about what they are doing. Generally, these are the help and facilities that most of the good surrogacy agencies provide.

1. Before the Process

If you intend to be s surrogate and apply to one of the agencies, they will contact you within 24 hours and their pre-screening coordinator will look into your medical records. If you are intended parent then they fix a meeting with you and have a detailed and prolonged conversation with you to meet your specific needs. A journey support team is always there to help you through the legal process. After they find the math for you, they will organize a meeting between you and the surrogate.

2. Through the Process

The renowned surrogacy agencies work with a large number of surrogates and intended parents. They have a large number of staff always at your service. They are very transparent from the time of screening. During the process, a lot of variables are involved which make each surrogacy different. This is the reason the agencies are very flexible with their clients whether they are heterosexual or gay. Though it is a very personal and intimate surrogacy process, it involves a business transaction. As the surrogate is providing her services towards the intended parents, it is their duty to be fair towards the surrogates. The surrogate also must go by certain rules and conditions. The agency makes a contract that is fair to both parties.

3. After Delivery of the Baby

After months of battling patience and sacrifice when the baby is finally born, it is a dream come true for the intended parents. On the other hand, the surrogate feels a certain amount of loss. Some women experience nostalgia or a void after completing such a hectic and emotional journey. After the birth, the intended parents are busy with the baby and the surrogate feels left behind and depressed. To help them overcome this situation, the agencies organize counseling and therapies for each surrogate. The agency takes the initiative and keeps the surrogate in touch with the baby parents and the baby as well. Sometimes the agencies are able to create healthy and amicable relationship between the egg or sperm donors and the intended parents.

As the whole method is highly unorthodox, the agencies in every possible way help the intended parents and the surrogates with their wealth of knowledge and psychological support.

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