What to do after the Embryo Transfer?

Quite often we see around women blaming themselves of not resting too much after the embryo transfer and thus their IVF cycle didn’t get successful but the real truth is far away from this fact. Most of the women around are prescribed a bed rest of 10 minutes and they themselves stretch it to quite few hours whilst making it a habit of resting for long hours of the next few days. On the other side, most of the medical experts often ask their clients to resume with their daily routine in the process and not look around for too much rest which might prove harmful for the whole process.

Moreover, there are still few things which are often suggested by the Surrogacy, IVF experts to their respective patients in regards to the care after the embryo transfer.


1. Follow the medicinal course

This is something which is quite important in regards to every other step in the whole IVF journey. The medicines which are prescribed by the IVF specialist to the patient must be followed religiously as they will play a big role in ensuring the fertility aspect of the whole IVF cycle. Moreover, the patient might go through bleeding until her first trimester after the embryo transfer and this should not let her discontinue with the medicines prescribed. Although the fertility experts must be consulted in case the bleeding gets heavier and they would then let the patient know about further process in the same regards

2. Stay away from heat

The patient also needs to stay away from heat and must not go for hot baths, Yoga, Sauna or heating pads as that might put negative impact onto the uterus of the patient .This might also result in a miscarriage and the patient also can face the situation of her fetus going through neural tube defect in the process.

3. Avoid stress and stay positive

This also comes as one of the most important things to take care whilst the person is going through an IVF treatment as taking stress often leads to the generation of negative chemicals in the body which then put a negative impact on the overall health of the patient along with the future child.

4. Consuming Folic acid

Folic acid is something which is said to be facilitating the pregnancy of a patient to a great extent and this is why the patients going through the IVF treatment are prescribed to take the folic acid in both dietary and supplement form to raise their chances of getting pregnant. Moreover, Pineapple is being believed to be rich in Folic acid and often been prescribed in the diet to all the pregnant women.

5. Stay away from heavy workout

Although light exercises and yoga are prescribed to the person after the embryo transfer, she is also been advised to stay away from heavy workouts and workload sin the daily routine. This might lay a negative impact on the chances of pregnancy in the patient and also might lead to miscarriage.

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