What to do in Bangkok?

Whilst you will be planning your trip to Bangkok for Surrogacy as an International parent, you must be knowing in advance that Surrogacy is banned for all the foreign couples in the country as per the medical advisory issues by the Thai medical ministry in 2015.Therefore, you must now switch your focus to better options and alternatives in the same regards and whilst we are talking about the same, Kenya is that one country you can opt for in order to seek your dreams of attaining parenthood.

On the other hand, this African country offers more than just affordable and ethical surrogacy programs and you can certainly check out some famous tourist spots on your way towards fulfilling your desires of becoming a parent. Still you must plan your trip in advance in regards to all the “To Dos” and “Places to visit” across your whole journey over the specified period so as you don’t need to put through all the confusion and hassle at the last moment of your trip.


Places to visit in Kenya (Nairobi)

Nairobi National museum

If you are visiting Kenya, and stopping by the city of Nairobi, you must check out some of the city’s best attractions and “must visit” places. This may include the Nairobi National museum where you can learn more about the rich culture and History of Kenya.

Nairobi National park

If you love wildlife, you will certainly have fun at the Nairobi national park whilst having a glimpse of the most of the wild animals like Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Cheetah and Zebra. Moreover, you would surely love catching up with the elephants there.

Try some delicacies at Giraffe manor

You can relax at the Giraffe manor where you can roam around in the company of Giraffes whilst having your breakfast alongside. You must try out the delicious Nyama Choma which is a specially cooked meat in Kenya and get roasted on a grill. You can try this at Giraffe manor or either check out all the eateries on the street as well. There are other delicacies as well to be cherished alongside you must try the beef, chicken and goat dished here as well

Tsavo National park

Here you can find all the wild animals like Buffalo, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Crocodile and Hippos along with other species of animals alongside. Apart from all the wild animals; the park is home to around 500 species of birds.

Amboseli National park

If you want to have a tryst with all the wild elephants grazing on to the grasslands you can check out the Amboseli National Park. The park is full of natural beauty with loads of greenery and you can certainly feel relaxed in the beauty of the Mother Nature here.

Kenyan Coast

If you love to see beaches and sea shores, you must see around the parts of Mombasa, Malindi, Khalifi and Diani. You would surely feel the warmth of the palm trees and the white sand on your feet whilst checking out the best of the sea life.