About Surrogacy

All You Need to Know About Surrogacy

Thousand of couples around the world have opted for surrogacy in order to find an answer for their infertility issues but there are those as well, who have gone for it due to random issues like career aspirations, health and other stuff altogether. Whilst surrogacy is an arrangement where the surrogate mother would be carrying a baby in her womb for the intended parents for a period of nine months in return of some compensation, it is slowly getting popular amongst people around who are looking forward to a long standing solution to their infertility issues.

About Surrogacy

Types of Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy : Traditional surrogacy is an arrangement where a surrogate mother gets artificially inseminated with the intended father’s sperm and carries the baby along in her womb for the next nine months period. The surrogate mother hereby would be the biological mother of the child born whilst the intended father would be the biological father.

There are situations when a sperm donor is been utilized instead of the Intended father and in that sort of course of action, the Intended father doesn’t have any genetic connection with the child  and in this way need to comply with the state laws so as to guarantee the authority of the youngster.

Gestational Surrogacy : Gestational surrogacy is one of the most sought after surrogacy arrangement across the globe at present at present. The entire process is been carried out in a laboratory and taken ahead via IVF whilst using various options like:

  • Getting both the sperm and egg from the intended parents
  • Donor’s egg and sperm from intended father
  • Donor sperm and intended mother’s egg
  • Donor sperm and donor egg
  • Donor embryo (could’ve been donated by someone who’s been through IVF and got an extra embryo developed)

Why people go for surrogacy?

Different people have their own random reasons to seek surrogacy arrangement and sometimes the case scenario is not about their infertility issues and they look for surrogacy for random other reasons like:

 – Same sex couples looking for a child

 – Unwillingness of the couple of having a child because of their career aspiration

 – Women would prefer not to get pregnant because of certain medical problems

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