Surrogacy in Bangkok

Everything You Need to Know Regarding Surrogacy in Thailand

If you are a couple that is seeking a surrogacy in Thailand, it is highly recommended that you must first check onto the legal framework and regulations in the country regarding surrogacy. Besides getting associated with the best surrogacy agency in Thailand, you need to look forward to other key aspects as well.

Surrogacy Laws in Thailand

Thailand used to be the surrogacy haven for most of the intended parents across the world. However, surrogacy is banned in Thailand according to the new ruling by the Thai government.

Surrogacy stands illegal for all the International parents in Thailand according to the recent regulation passed in the year 2015. On the other side, if you are a local couple, you must know that surrogacy is just allowed to wedded hetero sexual couples via surrogacy agencies in Thailand.

There’s a provision in similar ruling that states that in any event, one of the partners need to be a Thai citizen and the two of them must be married for at least 3 years.

Simultaneously, single and gay parents of any sex, community or identity are totally restricted from seeking after surrogacy in Bangkok. That further implies that no gay surrogacy Thailand is permitted.

Surrogacy in Bangkok

How Surrogacy Got Banned in Thailand?

It was principally in the wake of two sad incidents in the year 2014 that prompted the prohibiting of surrogacy by the military government in Thailand. The major one of the two cases was the ‘ Baby Gammy case’

Everything began when an Australian couple arrived to the country to seek after surrogacy with the support of Thailand surrogacy agency and got twins out of a surrogate mother all the while. Notwithstanding, the couples went back to their home country with only one kid while leaving the other one with the surrogate mother.

At last, it was been discovered that the other kid left with the surrogate mother was diagnosed with Down syndrome. This is where the surrogate mother chose to apply for the parental authority of the other kid in the court.

While this happened, the Australian couples said that they were just been educated about the one-kid by the surrogacy agency they managed with. Presently the solicitation raised by the surrogate mother for the guardianship of the other kid was denied by the court subsequent to checking through the arrangement made between the surrogacy agency and the Australian couples.

In any case, it was been later discovered that the couple was engaged with various child trafficking cases and the man was likewise got detained in his country for similar reasons.

When this went to the spotlight and notice of the Thai government, they quickly passed a decision restricting all sort of surrogacy programs in Thailand for the International parents.

Final Words

To this date, constant efforts are in line to restore the legal structure for surrogacy process while removing a similar ban on surrogacy. In any case, the International parents need to wait for some more time to achieve parenthood via surrogacy in Thailand.

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