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Factors to Consider Before Putting Step in Surrogacy Arrangement

While infertility is still a health complication that is not fully curable, there are random treatment options like IVf that may prove effective in same regards. Still, the low success rate in IVF has always been an issue and this is the single biggest reason for most people to look ahead to Bangkok surrogacy.

Over the past few years, everyone from the high end celebrities to common people has found their long awaited happiness in surrogacy. Besides being extremely simple and convenient process, it won’t take much from your busy schedule and routine.

But yes, you have to get associated with a surrogacy agency to streamline every aspect and element involved within the surrogacy program. For people that doesn’t want a Thailand surrogacy agency to get involved, can independently get along with the whole process.

No matter what way you go ahead with the surrogacy process, you must stay informed about the available types of surrogacy beforehand.

Bangkok Surrogacy

Different Types of Surrogacy

There are four different types of surrogacy arrangements and the intended parents can pick the one most appropriate to their prerequisites.

Traditional Surrogacy – In this sort of surrogacy arrangement, the surrogate mother is inseminated with the semen of the intended father and she will then be considered as the biological mother of the conceived child.

Gestational surrogacy-This can be said as the most mainstream surrogacy arrangement across the globe because of the reason that both the intended parents will have a genetic connection with the conceived child.

Altruistic surrogacy-The surrogate mother in this type of surrogacy program just gets paid for all the clinical and treatment costs all the while and this arrangement is highly practiced in countries like USA and Canada.

Independent surrogacy- This is kind of an open ended surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother lend their services in general. It is deemed as highly insecure and risky arrangement due to the absence of a proper screening and management process.

How to Proceed with a Surrogacy Arrangement?

In the event that you are an intended parent and searching for a surrogacy arrangement, you can either find it without anyone else or hire surrogacy agencies in Thailand to deal with the whole process. No matter how you proceed, stay updated about all the elements and subjects of a surrogacy arrangement.

When an intended parent looks out for a surrogate mother, she firstly needs to get through a proper screening process. This is to guarantee that the surrogate in Thailand is coming onboard without any mental or physical health issues. This gets followed by all the following procedures like the drafting of the surrogacy agreement and the conclusion of the embryo transfer process.

The intended parents likewise need to bring a legal attorney to guarantee that there should not be any sort of debate or dispute emerging out of a similar surrogacy arrangement. When the surrogate mother gives birth to the future child, the attorney would ensure that the interests and wellbeing of both the parties are protected and taken care of.

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