IUI failures: Know the Reasons Why Your IUI Cycle Failed

IUI is a very simple procedure for the couple who face problem to conceive naturally for parenthood. IUI, also known as artificial insemination or alternative or donor insemination, is a process where a partner or donor sperm is directly inserted into female’s uterus in ovulation time. Inseminating sperm during ovulation time helps the sperm to get closer to the ovulating egg.

Before this procedure, you may take fertility medicine under your doctor’s guidance, which helps to stimulate ovulation. Also, the semen which collected from your partner or donor goes through some procedure called ‘sperm washing.’ In which they collect healthy sperm from the semen.

Pregnancy happens if sperm properly fertilizes your eggs and the fertilized egg establish the lining of your uterus.

IUI treatment is a very simple and less expensive process as compared to other ivf fertility treatments. It increases the chance of pregnancy, but there is no grantee as everyone’s boy has different requirements.

IUI Treatment

Step-by-step procedure of IUI

  • The doctor gives some fertility medicines due to which your eggs get matured and fertilized easily. This medicine gives when your ovaries release an egg.

  • Collect semen sample from your partner or donor, then this sample prepared for IUI through the sperm washing process.

  • During IUI doctor slides a flexible, transparent tube inside the uterus through the cervix and with the help of a small syringe sperm directly insert to the uterus through the tube.

Why do Doctors recommend IUI?

  • Some common reasons due to which doctors recommend IUI are as follow

  • Unexplained Infertility: when no exact reason found about infertility that time doctors generally recommend IUI.

  • Motility of sperm is low: In some cases, sperm motility is very low and due to this couple not able to conceive properly. In such cases, IUI may be helpful as after washing sperm, its motility increased.

  • Low Sperm Count: IUI is very effective for low sperm count.

  • Some male infertility cases and if women have any pelvic infection or any tubal blockage in such cases, IUI is not useful.

Why Your IUI Cycle Failed?

The successes rate of IUI is not that much good its depends on many factors like age of the couple, medical history, time since the couple trying to conceive and many other factors too.

Here we discuss some reason about the failure of IUI cycle

  • Age Factor: Age factor of women mainly cause infertility issues as increases the women age it decreases the quality of eggs.

  • Quality Of Eggs: Poor quality eggs can not be fertile easily.

  • Quality Of Sperm: Poor quality sperm can not reach properly toward the eggs and hence eggs not fertilized.

  • Timing: Perfect ovulation timing is very important as egg stay in the fallopian tube just for 12-24 hr and if no sperm present there at that time, no egg fertilization happens. So timing is very important if you want to conceive properly.

  • Ovulation: if your body is not ovulating properly, then also IUI cycle get failed.

In summary, we conclude that IUI treatment is a less expensive method to overcome infertility issues, but not given guaranteed result as there are lots of reason for its failure.

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