Read this Before Proceeding with Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

A lot of couples, who plan for pursuing surrogacy in UK or Europe, opt for surrogacy agency in Georgia. Reason for the same is cost effective plans and high medical standards.

Surrogacy is legal in Georgia for all the hetero sexual couples. In addition, the nation comes as probably the best option in contrast to all the intended parents that can’t manage the cost of the surrogacy programs in nations like UK and US.

Furthermore, each state in Georgia approaches with their individual guidelines in regards to surrogacy. This is the reason where each couple should check through the rules and directions of these states prior to continuing with any surrogacy program inside the country.

Surrogacy Laws in Georgia

Georgia doesn’t have any predefined surrogacy laws and each state brings along their own guidelines in a similar regard. Along these lines, you generally need to jump aboard with a good surrogacy agency that can help you through during a similar interaction.

All things considered, the surrogacy in Georgia is just allowed for married or unmarried Heterosexual couples and that can said to be the lone drawback of looking for a surrogacy program here.

Surrogacy Agency in Georgia

How Surrogacy in Georgia Works?

• The couples can only search for the surrogate mother via informal correspondence like social media or with the help of the surrogacy agency.

• Once the surrogate mother has been searched, she, alongside the intended mother, has to go through a list of medical analysis and tests to check and examine their physical and psychological health.

• Once the screening is done, the couple and surrogate mother needs to consent to a legal arrangement to handle through all the rights, duties, terms and condition with respect to the surrogacy program.

• After the signing of the legal contract, the embryo transfer process needs to undergo in a lab facility at an IVF center.

• Once the pregnancy is affirmed, the couples need to file formally for the parental guardianship of the future child in the local court. They further necessities to outfit all the necessary reports and details in a similar regard.

• As the couples get the parental custody of the future child , they would now be able to fly back to their home country with the child

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

Surrogacy cost in Georgia significantly relies upon the fact whether the intended parents are dealing with the whole cycle all alone or managing the surrogacy agency. Along these lines, in case you are a couple that have chosen to proceed with the entire interaction yourself, the surrogate mother cost for the surrogacy in USA would come in around $60,000-$75,000.

In any case, given to all the components and aspects of the surrogacy program, it isn’t prescribed for the couple to opt for a surrogacy arrangement in Georgia without getting onboard with the best surrogacy agency in Georgia.

The surrogacy agencies in Georgia accompanies all the necessary aptitude and experience with taking care of the questions, obligations and different angles engaged with a surrogacy program. In addition, they can manage all the legal procedures required during the whole surrogacy process

So, if you have decided to proceed with surrogacy agency in Georgia, the cost may fall in the middle of 75 thousand dollars to one lakh 25 thousand dollars.

Final Word

Surrogacy Georgia comes as one of the most desirable surrogacy destinations. Still, getting started with a surrogacy program here without seeking or consulting with a surrogacy agency isn’t recommended. Read through all the laws and guidelines in respect to the surrogacy laws across various states in Georgia.

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