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Things to Remember Before Going Ahead with a Surrogacy Arrangement

Infertility has dented the happiness of numerous couples across the globe and within the past few years, the situation has really gone worst. Even though there are certain treatments in place, most of the couples have not been able to find out a long term solution. This is where most of them have opted for surrogacy instead and even though the process comes with a price, it has gained some big popularity over the years. This is where a person got to think about a number of factors before going ahead with the same.

Various Types of Surrogacy

Surrogacy comes in four types and the intended parents can choose the one best suited to their requirements.

Traditional Surrogacy –In this type of surrogacy arrangement, the surrogate mother gets inseminated with the intended father’s semen and she will deem to be the biological mother of the born child.

Gestational surrogacy- This can be said as the most popular surrogacy arrangement across the globe due to the fact that both the intended parents will be having a biological connection with the born child.

Altruistic surrogacy- The surrogates in this type of surrogacy arrangement only gets paid for all the medical and treatment expenses in the process and it is generally in practice in countries like USA and Canada.

Independent surrogacy- Although not much in practice nowadays, this type of surrogacy arrangement is highly risky as the surrogate mothers offer their services in open during this surrogacy arrangement.

Surrogate Mother Agency

How to go Ahead with the Process?

If you are an intended parent and looking for a surrogacy arrangement, you can either look it up all by yourself or hire an agency to take care of all the processes.

All the Related Aspects of a Surrogacy Arrangement

Once an intended parent finish up their search for a surrogate mother, she needs to go through a detailed screening process. This is to ensure that the surrogate is free from any sort of health and psychological problems. This gets followed by all the related aspects like the signing of the agreement and medical tests at the IVF treatment clinic.

The intended parents also need sot bring in a legal attorney in place to ensure that there must not be any kind of dispute arising out of the same surrogacy arrangement. Once the surrogate mother delivers the baby, they now have to claim for the child as per the legal obligations of the respective country.


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