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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Independent Surrogacy Matching

When we talk about surrogacy, there are many aspects related to it that you need to understand before you opt for it. The childless couples who are keen to have their children, they prefer to choose surrogacy to start a happy family. A potential match is something that every intended parent and surrogate mother looks forward to so that they can find the perfect match for surrogacy.

Surrogacy Legal in BangkokThere are two ways that you can opt for two to find a match; find the match on your own or hire a surrogacy agency to do that. There isn’t any rule that says that the intended parents or surrogate mother have to work with a surrogacy agency. They are completely free to find the match through the local connections they have or with the help of the online platform. This is one of the common ways that many people choose while opting for a surrogate in Thailand.

The most common doubt that people have in their mind is related to “is surrogacy legal in Bangkok,” the federal related to surrogacy was passed in Thailand in the year 2015 which made commercial surrogacy legal. The people who can opt for surrogacy include those who are married. It is necessary for at least one spouse to hold Thai Nationality. Homosexual couples and singles are banned from surrogacy in Thailand irrespective of the fact that they are Thai citizens.Surrogacy Services Thailand

So, if you are a married couple, then the good news is that you can now opt for surrogacy if you are facing difficulty in having your children. However, you need to be married for at least three years to start with the procedure of surrogacy. As surrogacy in Thailand is only for Thai couples, thus people from other countries can’t choose surrogacy.

Once you are sure that you are eligible to opt for surrogacy in Thailand, then the next thing that you need to consider is to look for egg donors in Thailand, a surrogacy agency, the legalities that you have followed, or you can also start your independent research a surrogate mother.

Pros of Opting for Independent Matching

• The best part about independent matching is that you don’t have to pay any money for it while taking the services of a surrogacy agency can cost you a huge amount of money. There are instances when intended parents cannot afford to pay the high fees of the surrogacy agency as there are many other expenses that they have to make, this is where they opt for independent matching.

• Traditional surrogates are easy to find with the use of independent matching, many surrogate agencies don’t deal with traditional surrogate mothers. This is where an independent matching option proves a great help.

• There are no such rules that you have to follow in independent matching while agencies have some strict rules that you need to follow.

• This also makes it easy for the intended parents to negotiate with the surrogate mother.

Cons of opting for independent matching

• All the appointments related to travel needs to be arranged by the intended parents. Experience is an important aspect that is required which is only possible if you hire an agency.

• Doing the background checks on your own can be a challenging task and you may end up making mistakes related to it. Agency has experts working in their team who do a background check.

• If you are planning to start your family with the help of surrogacy, then you can get in touch with Bangkok surrogacy as they can make your journey of surrogacy easy.

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